Who I Am:

Born and raised in the Salinas Valley of California, I support health and health care communities of practice driven by equity and connection. While I'm accustomed to wearing many hats — research assistant, project manager, alumni chapter lead — improving health and equity through cultivating meaningful relationships has remained a constant. 


I have so much gratitude for the opportunities afforded to me by Health Career Connection that helped propel my "authentic health career", to quote Jeff Oxendine, a mentor to me and so many BIPOC health professionals. Forever trying to pay it forward, I'm committed to strengthening pathways for diverse, first generation students' and young professionals' entry into meaningful health careers.

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My Story


Why I’m Here:

In my time facilitating quality improvement collaboratives with health care workers and leaders, our work was often mired by structural policy decisions at all levels, from CNAs and other essential workers not earning a living wage to the failure of states to expand Medicaid. At the same time, I've been buoyed by investments made in California and other states to cultivate the future health care workforce required to deliver high quality and equitable services. I'm excited at the opportunity to focus on the intersection of civic engagement and health as a means to drive change and action by and for communities.