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Giving a presentation soon? Click below to access slides with QR codes that encourage your audience to vote. 


Inviting your organizations and/or networks to #RxVote with you:

​Dear __________________:

    I am writing to you about a critical issue that impacts our patients. The November 2022 elections are an important opportunity to vote for leaders who will protect the health of our patients and the overall vitality of our communities. 

   As a [insert role], I believe that the outcomes of elections have a tremendous impact on the health of our patients and our communities. Therefore, I am supporting the efforts of a non-partisan movement, Civic Health Alliance (, to get out the vote and to do so safely. 

    I would like our organization to support these efforts because [insert reasons why you personally believe this is important].
   Here are a few ways that we, as an organization, can help to get out the vote in 2022. 
[insert suggested actions]

Can we count on your leadership and support?



Simply copy one of the email templates and paste it in your the body of your email, and send. It's that easy!

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