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Jessica Grinspan

M.S., Research and Outreach Director

Jessica Grinspan, M.S., has an extensive background in both public health and clinical psychology, in which she completed her graduate studies. For more than a decade, she served as a researcher and senior researcher for Oxford Outcomes (now ICON PLC), a scientific consulting company that studied patient-reported outcomes (PROs) in the context of clinical trials. During her tenure at Oxford, Jessica specialized in patient preference studies and published conference abstracts and manuscripts in a wide range of disease areas. She has expertise in performing literature reviews, designing surveys, conducting interviews and focus groups, and performing both qualitative and quantitative analysis.


Committed to equity in access to mental health care, Jessica also spent three years conducting biopsychosocial evaluations on clients from underserved communities in Philadelphia, with the purpose of securing services for disadvantaged youth and adults.

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My Story


Why I’m Here:

Jessica is passionate about supporting non-profit medical organizations.  As Director of Social Media & Outreach, she hopes to cultivate a positive impact on voting and health through digital outreach and health communications.

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