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Stella Safo, MD, MPH

Who I Am:

As an immigrant from Ghana, West Africa, I learned first hand the incredible impact that becoming a citizen and being civically engaged could have on my family and community. I’m an HIV primary care provider who is committed to equity in health care.

I’m committed to embracing health care improvement through care model design, education and advocacy and have worked as lead of clinical transformation within health systems and industry.

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My Story

Why I’m Here:

As a medical doctor, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of caring for patients who suffer from a host of chronic conditions. What I see firsthand is that my patients’ health outcomes are directly impacted by their social determinants of health, such as education, housing, and employment opportunities. Too often, however, my patients are disconnected from the levers which impact these realities.


I firmly believe a clinician’s role is to heal both the medical conditions that ail our patients, and to contribute to the societal improvements that impact their environment. We cannot achieve health and wellness without a focus on both.

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