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WEBINARS & videos

We've taken the learnings from our various civic engagement efforts and hosted multiple webinars and virtual meet-ups, all of which can be found here! 

This webinar was made for training on how healthcare professionals from all disciplines and stages of training can help their patients, peers, and communities become more civically engaged. We’ll discuss how healthcare professionals can engage with Legislators and policymakers. We will also walk through some specific examples to learn how to find issues policymakers are considering that interest you.

During our session, “There is No Off Year: How Our 2023 Efforts Impact 2024 Voter Turnout” we aim to elevate the idea that health care delivery organizations and health care providers can facilitate civic engagement efforts “all year, and in all years.” We will discuss how funding and government investments in elections infrastructure in 2023 will impact voters in 2024 and how automated voter registration policy reforms will be critical in 2023. We will explore ways health care workers and health care delivery organizations can advocate for policies that advance civic engagement this year and learn from our panelists how they plan to advance civic engagement throughout 2023 in preparation for the 2024 Presidential Election.

Our webinar "Civic Health & The Midterms" brings together health professionals from various backgrounds to talk about the importance of voting and its impact on the healthcare system. We also share insights on the newly published Civic Health Compact. 

Our webinar,  Civic Engagement in Health Care Settings: Understanding the Relationship Between Civic Engagement & Health,  was co-hosted with the American Medical Women's Association. Click to listen to various perspectives on how to engage patients and colleagues in conversations around civic engagements. 

Our session, “So We Voted, What Comes Next?” will cover how healthcare delivery organizations may engage with elected and government officials to improve health outcomes. Now that the 2022 midterm elections are complete, we are excited to get to the business of participating in the public policy process to protect the health of patients and communities. During this webinar, we will speak with three experts to learn different methods to deliver compelling messages to representatives.

Listen to our twitter spaces: Election Season is Here: Let's talk about civic engagement in healthcare! Featuring the leaders of IMPACT (Illinois Medical Professionals Action Collaborative Team) and Women In Medicine. 

Events of the past 18 months have shown us, unequivocally, the ways in which health and civic engagement are inextricably linked. Join us for a virtual fireside chat with pioneers in the fields of health, equity, and justice as we explore how to accelerate efforts to increase civic engagement within health care and in partnership with all those whom we serve.

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