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why we exist 

If voting is a sign of a healthy democracy,

we are in need of serious interventions.


Healthy Democracy 

In the 2016 U.S. presidential election, only 55.7% of the voting age population cast ballots, putting the United States among the lowest of OECD countries.


Through the efforts of VoteHealth 2020 and myriad other organizations, we grew that number in 2020 to 66.8% - the highest percentage achieved in decades.

With the unparalleled threats to voting, we know that our work is just beginning. 


Doctors Vote less

Historically, doctors tend to vote less often than the general population.

The same is true for low-income populations and other marginalized communities. Poverty, systemic racism and economic disparities adversely impact the ability of the average American to vote. So, too, does ease of voting access and voter registration.

Mobilizing yields powerful outcomes.

We know that mobilizing health professionals and health care institutions around civic engagement yields powerful outcomes. The Civic Health Alliance works to build on - and accelerate - that progress, using the tools of convening, curating, and collaborating as powerful forces for change.

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