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Jessica rebaza, MS, CHES

Who I Am:

From Atlanta, Georgia, Jessica is a fourth-year medical student at St. George’s University School of Medicine who is interested in pursuing Family Medicine. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia in Nutrition and her master’s degree in Community Health Education from Columbia University. Her work experience includes being a Nutritionist at WIC, public health intern at the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and a COVID-19 tester at multiple mobile clinics during the height of the pandemic. 

Prior to becoming Director of Social Media & Outreach, she created a successful youtube channel, The Medical Edit, which garnered close to one million views, and became social media ambassador for her medical school. Those projects lead her to become the Digital Media Fellow for Women In Medicine, a non-profit organization dedicated to gender equity in medicine. In that role, she helped develop and implement a social media strategy for the organization and its programs. Overall, Jessica has 15 years of experience in graphic design, content creation, social media strategy and development, video editing, website design, SEO, and blog development.  

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My Story


Why I’m Here:

Jessica is passionate about supporting non-profit medical organizations.  As Director of Social Media & Outreach, she hopes to cultivate a positive impact on voting and health through digital outreach and health communications.

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